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Use the form below to submit your trophy fish. Only the largest fish of each species and from each river will be listed. Please check the current llistings to see if your catch qualifies. The results will be updated every few days.

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Top 50 Trophy Fish

61lbs 7oz (27.94kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverAndres.BArgentina (Neuquen)
61lbs 7oz (27.93kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverJ.L. BejaranoSpain (Plasencia)
60lbs 14oz (27.67kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverJoão Paulo FrançaBrazil (Sete Lagoas)
60lbs 13oz (27.65kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverJon PortilloUSA (Idaho)
60lbs 3oz (27.36kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverSAM REACHENGLAND
59lbs 11oz (27.14kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverPatrickN Ireland
59lbs 11oz (27.13kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverFlyGal_05US (New Hampshire)
59lbs 4oz (26.94kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverMike HendrixSweden (Fbg)
59lbs 4oz (26.94kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverMikael HenrixonSweden (Falkenberg)
59lbs 3oz (26.89kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverJ.L. BejaranoSpain (Plasencia)
58lbs 9oz (26.63kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverDave BakerCanada
58lbs 4oz (26.48kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverJ.L. BejaranoSpain (Plasencia)
57lbs 11oz (26.21kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverPeter WatsonAustralia (Melb)
57lbs 5oz (26.05kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverEric TheallUSA (Alabama)
57lbs 3oz (25.99kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverC. de-FazioGermany
57lbs 3oz (25.99kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverC. de-FazioGermany
57lbs 2oz (25.98kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverCutchUSA (Oregon)
57lbs 1oz (25.95kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverMatti AutioFinland
57lbs 1oz (25.94kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverPatrinkN Ireland
57lbs 1oz (25.93kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverCutchUSA (Oregon)
56lbs 15oz (25.89kg)3Brown TroutKeya RiverFabio GhezziItaly (Milano)
56lbs 13oz (25.82kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverNick RunarssonSweden
56lbs 13oz (25.82kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverJUAN M ARINMURCIA(ESPAÑA)
56lbs 12oz (25.79kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverJerry ParkerUSA (North Carolina)
56lbs 10oz (25.74kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverJ.L. BejaranoSpain (Plasencia)
56lbs 9oz (25.70kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverRoberto CocconcelliItaly (Brescia)
56lbs 4oz (25.57kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverHeikki AutioFinland
56lbs 3oz (25.53kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverMartinItaly (Padova)
56lbs 0oz (25.45kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverJohn LoughScotland (Inverness)
56lbs 0oz (25.45kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverJohn LoughScotland
55lbs 15oz (25.42kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverPatrickN Ireland
55lbs 14oz (25.39kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverPatrickN Ireland
55lbs 12oz (25.34kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverNick RunarssonSweden
55lbs 11oz (25.31kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverCutchUSA (Oregon)
55lbs 10oz (25.28kg)1Brown TroutKeya RiverCarlos MugeMoçambique (Maputo)
55lbs 10oz (25.27kg)5Brown TroutSavie RiverGuilherme Pontes FrançaBrasil (Sete Lagoas)
55lbs 9oz (25.25kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverMartinItaly (Padova)
55lbs 3oz (25.09kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverEric TheallUSA (Alabama)
55lbs 3oz (25.08kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverCutchUSA (Oregon)
55lbs 0oz (24.99kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverJ P SalamonCANADA (Saskatchewan)
54lbs 15oz (24.97kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverPatrickN Ireland
54lbs 10oz (24.83kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverDaniel LeysonLos Angeles (USA)
54lbs 10oz (24.83kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverAndreGermany (Kehl)
54lbs 9oz (24.79kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverMatti AutioFinland
54lbs 8oz (24.77kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverKristina NilssonSweden (Kalix)
54lbs 8oz (24.77kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverKristina NilssonSweden (Kalix)
54lbs 8oz (24.76kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverDIEGO VIOTTOARGENTINA (TUPUNGATO-MDZ)
54lbs 6oz (24.73kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverJ P SalamonCanada (Saskatchewan)
54lbs 6oz (24.72kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverCutchUSA (Oregon)
54lbs 5oz (24.70kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverS.M. ShufordUSA (North Carolina)



Angler Rankings (Top 100)

1Andres.B61lbs 7oz (27.94kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverArgentina (Neuquen)
2J.L. Bejarano61lbs 7oz (27.93kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverSpain (Plasencia)
3João Paulo França60lbs 14oz (27.67kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverBrazil (Sete Lagoas)
4Jon Portillo60lbs 13oz (27.65kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (Idaho)
5SAM REACH60lbs 3oz (27.36kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverENGLAND
6Patrick59lbs 11oz (27.14kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverN Ireland
7FlyGal_0559lbs 11oz (27.13kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverUS (New Hampshire)
8Mike Hendrix59lbs 4oz (26.94kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverSweden (Fbg)
9Mikael Henrixon59lbs 4oz (26.94kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverSweden (Falkenberg)
10Dave Baker58lbs 9oz (26.63kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverCanada
11Peter Watson57lbs 11oz (26.21kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverAustralia (Melb)
12Eric Theall57lbs 5oz (26.05kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (Alabama)
13C. de-Fazio57lbs 3oz (25.99kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverGermany
14Cutch57lbs 2oz (25.98kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverUSA (Oregon)
15Matti Autio57lbs 1oz (25.95kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverFinland
16Patrink57lbs 1oz (25.94kg)6Brown TroutSavie RiverN Ireland
17Fabio Ghezzi56lbs 15oz (25.89kg)3Brown TroutKeya RiverItaly (Milano)
18Nick Runarsson56lbs 13oz (25.82kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverSweden
19JUAN M ARIN56lbs 13oz (25.82kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverMURCIA(ESPAÑA)
20Jerry Parker56lbs 12oz (25.79kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (North Carolina)
21Roberto Cocconcelli56lbs 9oz (25.70kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverItaly (Brescia)
22Heikki Autio56lbs 4oz (25.57kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverFinland
23Martin56lbs 3oz (25.53kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverItaly (Padova)
24John Lough56lbs 0oz (25.45kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverScotland (Inverness)
25Carlos Muge55lbs 10oz (25.28kg)1Brown TroutKeya RiverMoçambique (Maputo)
26Guilherme Pontes França55lbs 10oz (25.27kg)5Brown TroutSavie RiverBrasil (Sete Lagoas)
27J P Salamon55lbs 0oz (24.99kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverCANADA (Saskatchewan)
28Daniel Leyson54lbs 10oz (24.83kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverLos Angeles (USA)
29Andre54lbs 10oz (24.83kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverGermany (Kehl)
30Kristina Nilsson54lbs 8oz (24.77kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverSweden (Kalix)
31DIEGO VIOTTO54lbs 8oz (24.76kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverARGENTINA (TUPUNGATO-MDZ)
32S.M. Shuford54lbs 5oz (24.70kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (North Carolina)
33Fred Menzi54lbs 4oz (24.67kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverSwitzerland (TG)
34Andy Price54lbs 4oz (24.66kg)2Brown TroutSavie RiverEngland (London)
35Chris Berton53lbs 7oz (24.29kg)5Brown TroutKeya Riverunited kingdom (cumbria)
36David Drolet53lbs 0oz (24.10kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverCanada (New Brunswick)
37G. Pontes52lbs 13oz (24.00kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverBrasil
38Guilherme P.52lbs 13oz (24.00kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverBrazil (Sete Lagoas)
39A. J. Coventry52lbs 13oz (24.00kg)3Brown TroutKeya RiverAustralia (Melb)
40Bernard Caron52lbs 12oz (23.98kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverCanada (Québec)
41Wayne Smith52lbs 9oz (23.90kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverAustralia (South Aust.)
42Wesley Jeffery51lbs 4oz (23.29kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverSouth Africa (Johannesburg)
43Bill Blake51lbs 2oz (23.24kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (Texas)
44John Bennett50lbs 13oz (23.11kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (Utah)
45Glenn Meyer50lbs 9oz (22.97kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (New York)
46Stefan Adersten50lbs 7oz (22.94kg)4Brown TroutSavie RiverSweden
47Tim O'Connor50lbs 7oz (22.94kg)3Brown TroutKeya RiverAustralia (Queensland)
48Chuck Sweet50lbs 4oz (22.85kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (Oregon)
49Mike C.50lbs 3oz (22.82kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUnited States (Oregon)
50Matti Ylitalo49lbs 15oz (22.71kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverFinland
51B Koss49lbs 15oz (22.71kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (New Jersey)
52Joshua Lehmann49lbs 15oz (22.69kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverSwitzerland (Glarus)
53Cory Cowden49lbs 0oz (22.27kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (California)
54Joe K48lbs 15oz (22.25kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverEngland (Co Durham)
55Myles Wagner48lbs 9oz (22.08kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (Maryland)
56Eetu Rantanen47lbs 13oz (21.72kg)4Brown TroutSavie RiverFinland
57Doug Williams47lbs 10oz (21.64kg)4Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (Oregon)
58foxtc45lbs 7oz (20.66kg)2Brown TroutKeya Riverdenmark (ribe)
59Tobias Westman44lbs 13oz (20.37kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverSweden (Kalix)
60Leigh K.L44lbs 5oz (20.15kg)2Landlocked SalmonWaban RiverMALAYSIA
61Maks43lbs 14oz (19.93kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverUkraine
62Kito43lbs 12oz (19.90kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverArgentina (Mendoza)
63Carl Perkins43lbs 12oz (19.90kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverGermany (Frankfurt)
64Todd Perkins43lbs 12oz (19.88kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverUS (Virginia)
65Alfie.L43lbs 8oz (19.77kg)5Brown TroutKeya Riverengland (cornwall)
66Dan Krause42lbs 11oz (19.40kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverCanada
67Sigurd Olsson42lbs 11oz (19.39kg)6Brown TroutGosha RiverNorway
68Peter H Agstroem42lbs 0oz (19.10kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverSweden (skrea)
69Ronny Seehuus42lbs 0oz (19.10kg)5Landlocked SalmonWaban RiverNorway
70Davide Russo42lbs 0oz (19.08kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverItaly (Milan)
71Gaël KARCZEWSKI41lbs 14oz (19.04kg)5Rainbow TroutYolo RiverFrance (Morvan)
72Jayjay41lbs 14oz (19.04kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUnited Kingdom (London)
73carlos iturralde41lbs 13oz (19.00kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverArgentina (Tandil)
74Tom Merrill41lbs 6oz (18.80kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (Washington)
75Calle Persmark41lbs 2oz (18.70kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverSweden (Villa Roennoes)
76Agry Itu40lbs 11oz (18.50kg)1Brown TroutKeya RiverArgentina (Bariloche)
77Craig Murray40lbs 2oz (18.24kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (California)
78Ira Meltzer40lbs 0oz (18.19kg)4Rainbow TroutYolo RiverIsrael
79FlyGal-0539lbs 8oz (17.95kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverUS (New Hampshire)
80franticfisherman38lbs 14oz (17.66kg)5Brown TroutKeya Riveruk
81Brian Peace38lbs 3oz (17.35kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverCanada (Alberta)
82Alex Bermuda35lbs 9oz (16.17kg)5Rainbow TroutYolo RiverUSA (California)
83João Paulo35lbs 8oz (16.14kg)5Rainbow TroutYolo RiverBrazil (Sete Lagoas)
84Wean Strydom34lbs 10oz (15.74kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverSouth Africa
85Patrick Slusser34lbs 8oz (15.69kg)2Brown TroutGosha RiverUSA (New Jersey)
86Scott Diehl33lbs 4oz (15.10kg)6Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (Atlanta)
87KRS133lbs 2oz (15.07kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverUK
88Taisto Padatsu32lbs 10oz (14.84kg)4Brown TroutKeya RiverFinland
89Will Nelson32lbs 3oz (14.63kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverSCOTLAND (Edinburgh)
90B.andres32lbs 2oz (14.59kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverArgentina (Neuquen)
91flyman-0731lbs 8oz (14.31kg)3Brown TroutKeya Riveruk
92C. Vroon31lbs 3oz (14.17kg)5Rainbow TroutYolo RiverHolland (zuid-holland)
93pikingpirate30lbs 15oz (14.05kg)6Rainbow TroutYolo Riveruk
94Fox Tc29lbs 8oz (13.40kg)4Rainbow TroutKeya RiverDenmark (Ribe)
95Sigurd M. H. Olsson28lbs 10oz (13.00kg)5Brown TroutKeya RiverNorway
96Clement28lbs 9oz (12.99kg)2Brown TroutKeya RiverFrance (Dordogne river)
97Gael KARCZEWSKI28lbs 7oz (12.93kg)5Dolly Varden TroutYolo RiverFrance (Morvan)
98Markus Schmid28lbs 4oz (12.84kg)5Brown TroutGosha RiverSwitzerland (Graubünden)
99froggy28lbs 4oz (12.84kg)2Brown TroutGosha Riveruk
100Scott Gowers28lbs 2oz (12.77kg)3Brown TroutKeya RiverUSA (Utah)