FlySim Fly Fishing Game


FlySim is a full 3D, physics-based fly fishing game featuring accurate fly casting dynamics, multiple destinations, different types of fish, and realistic fish behavior. Practice overhead casting, roll casting, mending, dry and nymph fishing, and other fly fishing techniques. And if you catch the biggest fish, you will get your name on our trophy page.


A FREE DEMO is available for download. When you're ready for larger fish and a greater challenge, you can unlock the full version with the free key generator.



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Overhead CastAccurate Fly Casting Dynamics

Physics-based models allow the rod and line to accurately simulate real world casting. Effects of wind, water, current, gravity, air resistance, and rod motion are all integrated into the calculations resulting in casting so realistic it can be used as a training tool.

Roll CastLearn Fly Fishing Techniques

Practice different fly fishing techniques including overhead casting, roll casting, side casting, shooting line, and mending. Learn to cast in different wind conditions, when to shoot line for maximum distance, and how current affects mending.

DestinationsNine Unique US Destinations

FlySim includes nine scenic US destinations from Oregon to Maine. Some destinations are unlocked as you complete the goals.

FishTen Different Species of Fish

Ten unique 3D fish models, including rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat, and golden trout. Fish are stored in your daily and complete logs, along with information such as length, weight, tippet, and fly.

FishingIntelligent Fish Behavior

The fish swim, feed, strike, and fight just like their real counterparts. A sophisticated strike engine determines when the fish will strike based on many factors including the fish's vision cone, fly selection, fly presentation, and fish spook factor.

WaterWater Modeling

3D water modeling includes current, stream beds, rocks, and rapids that vary from one destination to another. Look for fish near the rocks and rapids as you would in your favorite fishing destination.


You start each day with 25 different flies including dry flies, nymphs, and attractors. 6 Tippet sizes and 3 weight choices will help you optimize your setup for a trophy catch.

HelpIntegrated Help

Whether you're an expert or first-time fly fisher, the integrated help will get you started in minutes. The detailed user guide will teach you everything from casting for the first time to landing a trophy fish

Hatch Match the Hatch

FlySim features a rotating hatch schedule and destination-specific hatch charts modeled after real-world locations. Match the insects you see on the water to the pictures on the hatch chart to figure out which fly to use.

Fish LogFish Log and Statistics

A complete fish log stores information about all the fish you've caught, and allows sorting by date, length, weight, or type of fish. Additional statistics show you how many pounds of fish you've caught, average weight, strike to catch ratio, and other information.

Trophy PageOnline Trophy Page

When you catch a trophy sized fish, check out our online trophy page to see if you deserve to have your name posted with the best virtual fly fishermen in the world.

EsellerateIntegrated Purchasing powered by eSellerate

The integrated purchasing system allows you to convert the demo version of FlySim to the full version in minutes using any major credit card. The eSellerate system is fully secure and private.