FlySim Download Page


>>> Download FlySim <<< (5 MB)

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Try the FlySim Demo

To download the FlySim Demo, select the DOWNLOAD FLYSIM link above and run flysim_setup.exe to install.The download contains only the FlySim game. FlySim will not uninstall other programs or add any non-FlySim programs or files to your computer.


If you wish to purchase the full version of the game, you can do so directly from the game. For instructions on installing, running, or purchasing, please select HELP from the menu above.


Upgrading FlySim


To upgrade to the latest version of FlySim select the DOWNLOAD FLYSIM link above, and run flysim_setup.exe to install. Do not uninstall the old version if you wish to keep you fish logs and other settings. You should not need your serial number to upgrade but if you do need it, you can get it emailed to you from


Problems Running FlySim?

If you have any problems running FlySim, try updating your graphics drivers. Read this page for more info. If that does not work, please see our help page for more info.


Update History

October 23, 2006 Update:


June 15, 2006 Update:


January 24, 2005 Update:


August 25, 2004 Update:


System Requirements