10/23/2006 FlySim 1.5.1 Released. The new version fixes a few bugs in the previous version.
6/15/2006 FlySim 1.5 Released! The new version adds 3 new destinations and several new species of fish. The upgrade is free for all registered customers. Unregistered users will be able to explore the new destinations, but will not be able to fish in them.
10/15/2005 Information about windsurfing and kitesurfing at Coyote Point and 3rd Ave, San Francisco Bay, CA.
03/01/2005 The Gosha Contest is now over. Congratulations to our winners, J.L. Bejarano, Bill Blake, FlyGal_05, and Dave Baker and thanks to everyone who entered!
01/24/2005 We are pleased to announce the new Gosha River destination, available for free to all our currently registered customers. Just download the latest version FlySim, and install it over your current installation (do not uninstall the old version). We are also holding a contest with prizes supplied by Angler's Vice and County Comm. Please read our first newsletter for more information
12/28/2004 Want to compete in a Digital Fishing Tournament? Check out to join in.
09/25/2004 We are having problems responding to some customers using mail filtering software. Please visit the forums and post under the E-mail topic if you do not get a response from us via e-mail.
08/25/2004 Updated version of FlySim now available. New version fixes bugs that prevented FlySim from running on some systems and increases the largest possible fish. We recommend everyone download and install this update, especially if have experienced problems running FlySim. more info
06/18/2004 FlySim awarded 5 cows, tucows highest rating.
04/24/2004 River and Reef gives FlySim 5/5 stars. Read the full review here.
03/24/2004 FlySim Released
03/12/2004 FlySim is currently in beta testing will be released in the second half of March. The game will be available for purchase from our website and a free demo will be made available when the game is released. Thanks to all those who have asked.
12/12/2003 FlySim 1.0 Announced
12/12/2003 Launched