09-09-2008 : FlySim 1.5.3 Released. The new version fixes a few bugs in the previous version.

01-21-2008 : Telephone numbers for phone orders have changed. Please use the following numbers for placing orders only.

                                Phone orders: (+1) 952-908-4090

                                Fax orders: (+1) 952-908-4092

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FlySim Fly Fishing GameFlySim 1.5.3 - Fly Fishing Simulator

FlySim is a full 3D, physics-based fly fishing game featuring accurate fly casting dynamics, multiple destinations, different types of fish, and realistic fish behavior. Practice overhead casting, roll casting, mending, dry and nymph fishing, and other fly fishing techniques. And if you catch the biggest fish, you will get your name on our trophy page. A free demo is available for download. Upgrade to the full version for only $24.95 (USD).



KiteSim Kitesurfing GameKiteSim 1.0 - Kite Surfing Simulator

KiteSim is an 3D interactive simulation of a LEI traction kite, the type of kite most often used for kite surfing. KiteSim can be used for learning to fly a kite, practicing stunts, or just for fun. You fly the kite by moving the control bar and chicken loop with the mouse. Other features include Kite force, wind speed and kite speed indicators and wind speed and line length controls.