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KiteCam Video

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Build Your Own KiteCam

KiteCam Camera Package

1. Buy a CVS One-Time-Use video camera ($20-$30 USD). Use the CVS Storefinder to find the nearest store. You might want to call in to see if they have the camcorder since it is not stocked in all stores.


KiteCam m100 Sync CCale

KiteCam Cable

2. Build a USB connection cable and install the software. See these web sites for more info: - Hacking guide with instructions on building a cable using a serial cable. - Hacking guide with instructions on building a cable using a cradle . - Forum for more in-depth information. - CVS Camera Quickinstall.


KiteCam Camera Strap

3. Attach a strap to you camera. I used stick on velcro and material from an old sail.


KiteCam Strut Velcro

4. Attach velcro to your kite. I attached the camera to the center strut, about 1/4 of the length back from the leading edge. This placement should not effect flying and results in a decently centered image.


KiteCam Strut Camera

5. Turn on camera, attach it to your kite and go nuts, but try to keep the camera out of the water (it is not waterproof). The camera has around 20 minutes of filming time.


KiteCam Camera Back

6. To view the movies, you will need to install the XviD Codec: