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New and have a problem...

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 6:42 am    Post subject: New and have a problem... Reply with quote

Thread from old forum:

Steelheadin\' Fool

I think?
Hi all,
Just purchased the full version yesterday after playing the Demo for a couple days, and I'm having a ball! Congrat's on a fun, challenging, and very realistic game.
Here's my question:
I passed the first 2 streams but I'm stuck on the 3rd stream in Utah. The requirement is 30 lbs of trout and I have 42 lbs and the 4th stream is still locked?
Also, I read in a previous post there was an update or patch that installs larger fish, Where do I get it or is it already in the version I have? My biggest fish in just over 4 lbs.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Steelheadin\' Fool

I found the answer to my first question...the 30 lbs has to be on ONE session. (Read it wrong before)
I would still like to know if there is an update or patch I need?


If you downloaded the game within the last couple of months, then you have the latest. We will have a new version out in a couple of days with a 6th river. We will post here, in a newsletter and on the front page about the update and contest.
I guess I should have made the session thing more obvious - get lots of emails about it.

Have Fun!


JR, thanks for the response. I registered as \"Steelheadin' Fool\" and decided I didn't like that name. So I registered as \"Cutch\"
...the name I use on all the message boards I visit. Can you delete Steelheadin' Fool?
Thanks, this is a very good, fun, and challenging game, and the realism is so cool!
I flyfished for Summer Steelhead for many years in my younger days until I had to give it up because of Arthritis. I fished the McKenzie, Umpqua, and Rogue Rivers in Oregon.

May I make a couple suggestions?
If these have been mentioned already, please excuse me.
1. Several have mentioned longer areas to walk along the rivers. Here's another reason why this would be more realistic. In real fly fishing, (especially for Summer Steelhead)after you hook a fish or 2, the fish quit feeding. (spooked) So, you walk or drive to another hole, fish it awhile, then return later and many times the fish may be feeding again.
So, if the stretch of river was twice as long, you could walk to another stretch, fish it, and return later not having to wait for the fish to start feeding again in the first stretch of the river.
Summer Steehead might be easy to add as a new specie because they are ocean returning Rainbow Trout. You could use the Rainbow Trout and change the color to Silver?
(maybe this wouldn't be feasible?)
You'd need to create Streamer Flies,...that's what I used.

2. Suggestion #1. It would be really handy to have a key that would minimize the game. (Maybe there is and I haven't found it?). Then you could leave a session you're trying to complete and check you're emails, etc,...then go back into the game. Most of my deer hunting games you press the Microsoft key to minimize, the click the game to go back into a hunt.

I have some more ideas that I will share later,...thanks again for a great game.


Thanks for the suggestions - Ill put them both on the list for FlySim 2.


Another suggestion:

I stopped the breaking of my line when I get a strike by backing off my drag to 24% and just raising my rod and not reeling. But now, I'm losing the monster trout when they make a long run then suddenly turn and head back towards me. When this happens, I can't reel or walk in the opposite direction fast enough to keep the slack out of my line, so the fly comes.

I'll explain my suggestion with an example:

In real life, when I hooked a big Rainbow or Summer Steelhead (6 to 12 lbs) and the fish started running, I'd run too,...trying to keep from running out of flyline and backing. Many times the big fish would stop, turn, and steam back up stream towards me. When this happened. I would rapidly strip line with my left hand while clamping the line to the pole with my right hand,...thus keeping the line tight so I wouldn't have slack enabling the fish to throw the fly. Sometimes there would be 30 to 40 feet of slack line floating at my feet. I would reel this in when I got control of the fish.

A feature in the game to do this would really make the game more realistic and you wouldn't lose all those monster trout.
I don't know if it can be done in the game but if you could press the right mouse key lightly, the line would reel in slow. If the fish swam in towards you faster, pressing down would make the line come in faster. The right mouse button (or some key?) would act like a variable speed reel.
I never lost many Summer Steelhead or monster trout in real life fishing when the fish turned and swam rapidly towards me, because by backing up and stripping in line, I was able to keep the slack out.
Some feature (maybe a key for faster line retrieve?) needs to be added in my opinion.
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