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A couple more suggestions...

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 6:39 am    Post subject: A couple more suggestions... Reply with quote

Thread from old forum:

--- Cutch

Sorry if some of these have been mentioned. I have been making a list as I play each day.
I would like a response of what you folks think of these,...thanks.

1. Have a key to minimize the game so you can can check your emails, etc, then return to the game without losing the fish you've caught in a session.
2. Have a delete key so you can delete the smaller trout and save the big ones
3. Change your affective (accurate) casting range from about 45 feet to 60 feet. In real life I can consistently drop a fly near a feeding trout at 60 feet, so should be able to do so in the game. (IMO)
4. Have various weather selections such as: clear, cloudy, and raining.
5, Be able to enter the stream at daylight, noon, or evening. We all know the best flyfishing is just after daylight and after the sun goes down in the evening.

--- Bill Blake

All of those are good suggestions, but I have a little secret for you. If you change your mouse speed in the (windows) control panel it will affect how you cast in the game. The faster the speed the faster you move the rod and it gets easier to cast long distances. However, you also have to be able to control your rod so setting it all the way up may not be the most desirable thing to do. Of course, doing this also effects how your mouse pointer reacts in windows.

--- J.R.

Good suggestions - Ill put them on the list.

One feature we don't say much about is the sort. On the fish lists you can click the titles and sort the fish by that feature. So you can easily see all of your big fish by clicking on weight.

The casting thing is tricky. Our game is a sortof a combo between video game and sim. So people with a gaming background pick up on the casting quickly. What do you guys think about a having 2 difficulty settings (easier casting and less fiesty fish). One thing I would like to add to FlySim2 is netting - but there would be a big video game component to it and it might get frustrating for some folks.

The other thing that is tough is picking a minimum computer target. We really tried to keep the polygon count low so it would run on lots of machines - but its hard to add all of the cool stuff we want. Maybe we will up the minimum specs for FlySim2 and people with the crappy computers will be stuck with this one...

---- Bill Blake


Perhaps you could have an \"autonet\" feature that could be turned on or off. I'd love be have the option to use things like nets or strip the line in and have to manage the slack but I imagine it can get quite complicated trying to decide how to handle these things from the designers perspective. I'd like to be able to raise my rod (by raising my \"virtual\" arm) sometimes (particularly when working with a fish in close), but having a feature where the rod doesn't always pivot around the same point would likely be a nightmare from your perspective. As far as system specs for Flysim 2 are concerned at least those with slower computers will have flysim 1 to fall back on the second time around. When this game came out there really wasn't anything like it. You can usually have a feature that can be turned off, but you can't turn on a feature that isn't there.

--- Chuck Sweet

I'll second the arm lift like Bill says, The single pivot point thing threw me for a bit when I was learning this game. The idea of upper end options that can be turned off can be found in a lot of games, particularly in some of the RPG's. The ability to turn off or reduce effects can help a program to fit a larger range of machines. (I also second Bill on the below too.)

--- Bill Blake

Oh I forgot, you mentioned an easier difficultly level. I good idea, but I'd like a harder one as well. I find it challenging enough to land 2 pound fish on a light tippet in real life

--- Pitti

Yes, an option easy/normal/hard would be very nice. I have endless monster bites, but never had a chance to get them.

Regards Pitti

---- Cutch

I agree,..being able to select an easy and hard mode would benefit all in my opinion. Someone like me, having trouble landing the fish over 10 lbs, easy mode would be nice to practice on until my performance improved.
But I would definitely go the the harder mode as soon as I could.
As far as netting the fish, that feature would be nice BUT, if it's going to take a lot of hard work and extra graphics, that feature isn't necessarty as far as I'm concerned. If you play the fish until he's worn out, and practically layin on it's side, know that fish is \"in the bag\", so to speak.
Again, this is only my opinion.
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