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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 6:19 am    Post subject: Questions Reply with quote

This was from the old forum.

---Rob Kirsch

I just got this a few days ago, an I'm already addicted. I do have a few questions, and a suggestion.

1 - What is necessary to 'land' a fish? It seems that you have to have the fish in the water, in the 'box', and all the fly line in the rod.

2 - Suggestions on landing larger fish? I'm on the third level and snapping a lot of tippets. I hadn't thought of walking with the fish or changing my view angles - as in the recently posted video. In real life I never play with
my drag - only occasionally palm the reel - and fight the fish with the rod low and to the side away from the direction of swim.

3 - This game might be enough to get me back to a mouse. I use a trackball and it's pretty interesting. Any plans for a mre realistic
input device as an add-on (like a wireless 3-D mouse or a steering wheel input for driving games). I can see a wired (or wireless) handle/butt section with a couple of buttons (shoot line/reel in, drag adjust).

Overall a GREAT game. I'm looking forward to the next version. When do you plan to add a SW option (snook under a jetty, stripers busting bait)? Other FW species would also be cool. I actually find carp the most challenging fly rod quarry in FW - smarter than trout and harder fighting.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Rob,

1. The only req is to get the fish into the box. Sometimes its easier to bring the box to the fish.

2. Rotating and moving will help land fish. It also helps to use your rod to take up slack and be light on the reel. I think there aresome more suggestions listed in this forum.

3. We will look into supporting a joystick for the next version. Ive never tried with a track ball - could be challenging. We had a company email us about a wireless, full 3D stick - looked interesting, but very expensive. Im not sure how many people would spend $200 to play a fishing game....

---Rob Kirsch

Considering how much I spend for real fishing (since I started flyfishing 3 years ago I've acquired 8 rods, 8 reels, 3 extra spools, 3 vises, half a ton of tying supplies, and a ton of doodads, gimcracks, and assorted toys - not to mention casting lessons and guided trips), $200 for a game doesn't seem so bad.

The trackball probably makes aim harder.


---Bill Blake

Was it a typical (3-axis) joystick or something more specialized? I know a lot of people who play flight sims who already have rediculously expensive joysticks (in addition to those of us who have not so rediculously expensive ones). I'm sure there is some overlap (beyond myself) between flysimmers and flightsimmers so maybe joystick support isn't a bad idea.

Its a new technology - you can check it our here:
Full 6DOF - but I am a bit worried about latency. I am also not sure if you would get tired holding the thing.

---Rob Kirsch
I'll be happy to help with beta testing.

Keep me posted.


---Bill Blake

Hmm, I can see myself driiling out a cork grip now to mount it in. JK, at 68 frames per second I would worry about latency. I understand that the track IRs had problems until they supported FPS into the 100s.
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