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More suggestions

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 6:25 am    Post subject: More suggestions Reply with quote

This was a post from the old forum.


Since I have been playing the game for a few days, I now have some suggestions. First I want to say that as a first effort, the game is fantastic. Many of the elements that make real fly fishing the great sport that it is have been captured. I suggest some improvements for later versions...

1) Make nymphing more productive. My real world ratio of nymphing to dry/emerger is about 75:25; I catch many more trout on nymphs that at the surface. In the game, nymphing is very unproductive.

2) Casting long distances, while fun, don't match the real thing. Many fish are caught with a short line, particularly while nymphing. I rarely cast over thirty feet while fishing, but the game requires cast after cast over fifty feet to reach most of the fish.

3) You can't \"line\" virtual fish. Around here (New Mexico), wild fish scatter after being \"lined\", also by one's shadow, noisy wading, etc. There should be a penalty for \"lining\" fish in the game.

4) Fish should be easier to land once they are hooked. (That's the point of trying for them, no?) Unless you really screw up, most fish should be landed with reasonable ease. I fish the famous San Juan River a few times a year and always land rainbows in the 20\" range on size 20 or smaller flies using 5x or 6x tippets. I just let them do their thing until they get tired. The game should be programmed accordingly.

That's my $.02 (so far).

---Bill Blake

I catch more fish on nymphs in the game than on dries (searching patterns are not nearly as productive as they should be because the fish always seem to be feeding selectively in the game, unlike real life). As far as landing fish, I find that easier than in real life as well (it just takes a little while to get adjust). More detailed fish AI would be nice, and the developers have said you will have more freedom to move around in Flysim 2 (which should help for the super long casting distances and funky angles when you get the end of the bank).


About 50% of the trout I hook are on nymphs. When flies are floating at your feet, use that fly only in a nymph pattern if the fish aren't rising.
Times when flies aren't hatching (floating on the water), I find the Scud and searching nymphs work fairly well.


Thanks for the ideas.

One thing that is tricky for nymphing is depth. We had a difficult time getting the fish to look "deeper". So sometimes I find myself casting to close/far.

When we allow free wading, the casting distance should sort itself out. Ive also heard some votes for spey casting and longer distance casting.

The line spooking was on my list for the original game, but it ended up taking to much CPU. Each fish has a vision cone and the line is made up of 50+ particles. I will figure it out next time.

I think having easy/med/difficult settings will really help. Everyone could dial in their "fun" setting.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 9:38 am    Post subject: Keep it tough Reply with quote

As far as No.4 goes, in reality you aint giving the fish a fighting chance if you always land them when hooked. Thinks it time you looked at your gear and lightened up a little. Thats part of the buzz when you miss fish for gear is so light, when you do get 1 home. Try taking the barbs of your hooks too.

I'm from Australia, and we haven't got many salmon rivers here but you guys up Nth from what I've read, have many. Now go after some of those monsters with similar gear. I'd love to see you land a 10kg Rainbow (in a river) on a 6 weight with 6X tippet.

Good Luck Mate.

I don't mind if there tough to land, I miss many that I've hooked.
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