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My Wishlist

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 6:46 am    Post subject: My Wishlist Reply with quote

Thread from old forum:


Hi J.R. Smile

You know, I like FlySim very much. Some fishing games I have collected, I think so about 20-25. From all I like most this two: FlySim and the old GoneFishin'. I think FlySim has a big potenzial. Nevertheless I would have some suggestions:

1) The most important part are more destinations with longer riverbanks. Perhaps some to unlock and some for free fishing? It would be also nice if the startpositions of the angler are upstream and not at the middle of the bank.

2) Very important too: a shortcut for taking 10-20 feet of the line would be good. Allways reeling in before shooting can be very boring.

3) Some invisible fish to catch would be nice too. So that are we can fishing at some deeper parts outside of the streams without visible fish. Fighting them without see them until they are near the net would be very very exciting! This is the best part of \"Gone Fishing\".

4) Varied background. Hills, houses, streets, woods, animals...

5) More equipment. Sinktip, sinking lines, shooting head. Sure, more rods would be the

6) More aspects of game. Getting money for big catches for buy more flies and lines?

7) The game should be paused while the flyscreen is shown.

Cool About Trophys: A button for automatic check for entry to the list of the Trophy Online page would be very helpfully.

9) What do you think about regularly contests? Maybe 2 at a year. A three days Christmas fishing? Perhaps with a chance of winning a cup which could be shown on your webpage? Or a free FlySim copy for the winner? This could be a further longtime motivation.

Ok, that was it. I hope you have the some time to work at some points of my wishlist.
Thanks for the great game Smile and sorry for my english Sad

Regards from Berlin


Hi Pitti,

Thanks for the great suggestions.
1. Will try to do longer river banks, but alot depends on the photo.
2. Great idea - probably can add in next update.
3. Will have more opaque water in future destinations.
4. Kinda tough because we limit the number of graphics to run on as many computers as possible.
5-8. Will consider for FlySim II
9. We will probably have a contest before the destination pack comes out and see how it goes. There is only 0.1 kg resolution in the trophy codes, so I am worried about ties.




loved this game - got a very short season of flyfishing where am at (norway) -so this game is just the thing that a flyfisherman need.

I do not know anything about the makers of flysim and what they want to do with the game etc...
But I got some ideas that would bring the game futhure.
* joystick control - make a gyro(?) joystick formed as a rod
* joystick control -regular joystick with force feedback
* of course more rivers from all over the world
-we got some very nice ones with big and beautiful trout .Im a skilled photografer and can help if asked
*A go to the camp option - I almost always fish on fish that I see (dryfishing) -sit down and wait for the next hatching to begin.
*A help manual for new beging casting
*As Pitti said -more riverbanks -chose where to start (on a map?) - I also what to go out in the river and cast up/down streams -onehand spey casting
*choose own equitment (you get some sponsor deals with the big rod manufactures etc.)

- hope this is interesting and will be put in the next flysim game.

good luck


Thanks for the ideas.

- Will try for joystick support in FlySim2. Never programmed for one, but will look into it.

- So with the camp option you want to be able to skip the nymph fishing?

- Maybe an animated casting tutorial?

- I like the large map idea - maybe even start with a world map.

- What is one-handed spey casting?

- We will definately have more equipment options - I want to be able to design my own rods and have been thinking of ways to allow custom flies.


PS - I am working on another river for FlySim - sorry for the delay.


skip the nymph fishing (we got, as probleby elsewhere also, a dry vs. wet(nymph) fishing disscusion.
I do like to hunt with a dry fly
-this option and a clock showing time of day + a weather (rain, sunshine, overclouded etc) simulator +maybe a forcast ?
+ temprature in air and water
= you got the real thing.

like your design our own rods and fly idea.

I got an perhaps stupied idea - but insteed of a joystick - you could look into the a divice that can be attached to my own rod (the handlepart only) and I can type in what kind of rod Im useing(lenght and size + what kind of line im useing etc).
Then in game I will cast with my own rod and if wireless, I can stand and practising my real casting technic.
This game would be an exellent learning tool.

onehand spaycasting : a really long onehand rod - a very long and thin tippet and spay cast downstream -very easy to change \"target\"

Good luck on flysim2
mvh espen
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